Beer List

Please Note, this is our Full List of Beers, NOT what we are currently pouring.

  • U-Pick IPA

    This amber-colored IPA is a little malty, a little bitter, and a whole lot of good. When brewing this middle of the road IPA, we couldn’t think of a catchy name. So we told you guys to pick one. Well, You guys took forever, and frankly the names you came up with, they weren’t very […]

  • Heirloom Ale

    “Tomato in beer? I dunno about that.” is what you might think. This is because, You think you know what a tomato tastes like. You don’t.

    We say tomato, and you think of that mass-produced, flavorless, pale-red, sliced thing you get on burgers at your local fast food joint. This is wrong.

    The sad reality is you’re not alone in this thinking. The good news is we can help change your thinking, with beer!

    We use farm-fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil, with a touch of sea salt. Resulting in a light and refreshing ale, we like to call Heirloom Ale. (Like the tomatoes! Get it?)

    Perfect for pizza, or to change your thinking about how tomatoes taste.

  • Cole!-Shhhhh

    Our take on a classic German beer style. We infuse our farm grown malting ingredients with traditional German hop varieties making this mash up light, crisp and slightly cloudy. This style of beer allows you to taste the natural sweetness of our farm grown malt.


    Named after a trusty farm truck, that although small, still packs a punch, much like our first Imperial IPA.

    This beer lends its golden hue and subtle sweetness to our farm grown malts; It’s aroma and balance come from the six varieties of hops.


    Randall Pale Ale? What’s that? What is a randall? Well It’s certainly not just some guy we named a beer after.

    What it actually is, is a refreshing pale ale, that we will be infusing with different flavors every week.

  • Wolfpack

    The pinnacle of our “Crop Rotation” Single-Hop Series. Wolfpack, combines our three favorite versions of the series to make this staff favorite, Triple-Hop Pale ale.

    Mosaic, Ekuanot, & Idaho 7; are the three best friends that this beer could ever have.

  • Black Smoke Ryesin

    “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”  This is an old proverb, meaning if you hear a rumor that something is true, that there must be at least some truth in it. Well the rumors are spreading about ‘Black Smoke Ryesin’ have started, and we have to admit, they are all true.-Well the good ones anyway! This […]

  • American Strong

    What is American Strong? Well, it’s not a style of beer per se, but it’s more of a catch-all category used to describe all of the “strong, no-style,” style of beers; being made by American Breweries in recent years. A Good American Strong Ale, is just like a good American; it borrows from many different […]

  • Cranberry House

    Our infamous 1860 series that has been aged with local cranberries from Haines berry farm. The end result? A refreshing twist, on an already great farmhouse ale.

  • No Till Pils

    No Till Pils, is a Pilsner if you couldn’t tell. Not only that, but it’s our first true lager. Many of you asked for it, and now we’ve delivered. So rejoice, and enjoy the clean, crisp taste, that is No Till Pils!

  • Ol’ Barn Sour series

    After 2 long years, our first true sour is ready. The First release is a blueberry-wheat sour is light, crisp, and a little funky. Perfect for a day on the farm out in the sun.   The Second release is a Black Currant Porter sour. That was aged for over 2 years. The Third release […]

  • Back Road Rambler

    Our newest IPA. Nice and Juicy.

  • Dusty Dungarees

    We dry hopped Dusty Dungarees with Comet, Cashmere, and Citra giving this beer a unique taste compared to our other IPA’s.

  • Strawberry Pale Ale

    Our latest pale ale, a light and refreshing strawberry pale ale. With a ton of fresh local strawberries from our friends at Wemrock Orchards.

  • Anniversary Ale

    As the name might suggest our Anniversary Ale was brewed for our 5th year(4th to the public) Anniversary of the Brewery. We took the already beloved Thrill Hill and  aged it in barrels with a great history, originally used for bourbon, these barrels were then used for tequila, and then for our beer! Come celebrate […]

  • Night Owl

    Night owl is a Porter.  This Porter has a light, almost refreshing mouth feel. It’s great for those who like porters and for those who are looking to convert into the dark side.

  • Unintentional Haze

    A New Zealand IPA, with a hazy, almost golden/amber hue. Farm home-grown malt and far away land hops come together to make this Unintentional Hazy IPA.

  • Tractor Pullin’ Pale

    A Super light, easy drinkin’ Pale ale dry hopped with Cascade and Chinook.

  • Pumpkin Pickin’ Ale

    Our fall season favorite the infamous Pumpkin Pickin’ Ale. Made with over 100lbs of pumpkins picked fresh from our farm.

  • Oktoberfest

    Oktober is upon us! This traditional Märzen beer is most readily describable as an Amber Lager. It’s delicious and perfect for this time year.

  • Honey Bear

    Honey Bear. Scary & Sweet, but oh what a treat. This is a great and our first imperial stout. Give it a go and it will make you shout!

  • Kviek Pale

    Our newest pale ale. Its brewed with a new yeast from Kviek, as well as centennial and cascade hops. It makes for a light refreshing pale ale.

  • Helles Lager

    Our newest lager, The Helles, is more full bodied, clean, crisp lager. Great for drinking year around.

  • All Together

    American IPA – This worldwide collaborative beer organized by Other Half Brewing is being brewed to raise money for hospitality workers in need of financial assistance. We are proudly donating proceeds from the sale of this IPA to @brewerystrong, a NJ organization providing assistance to NJ workers who are out of work.

  • Thresher

    Pale Ale with Amarillo hops.  Crushable.

  • Ridge Renegade

    American IPA featuring bursts of Citra and Mosaic

  • I Love It When You Call Me Big Pumpkin!

    Our Pumpkin’ Pickin’ Ale aged in whiskey barrels that were first used to age whiskey.  Then they were taken by a syrup company to age maple syrup.  They then made their way to Screamin’ Hill Brewery to age our pumpkin beer.  Whiskey, maple syrup, and Pumpkin’ Pickin Ale.  It’s a match made in heaven!  

  • Cosmic Cowboy

    American IPA featuring Galaxy.  Galaxy hops are a unique Australian variety with a citrus, peach and passionfruit aroma.

  • Golden Blueberry

    Golden Gregg and the Ram Chargers with fresh Blueberries!

  • Meridian

    American IPA featuring the hop Meridian. Meridian delivers a mix of tropical, berry, and citrus fruitiness.

  • Dairy Farmer

    Milk Stout

  • Grumpy Farmer

    Random Fact: Bats have E.S.P. – Extra-Sensory Perception…

    Random Fact: At Screamin’ Hill, we’ve got E.S.B.- English-Style-Bitter, It’s a lot better.

  • Tree-Line Pale Ale

    A malty pale ale, with piney, resinous hop characteristics, with a smooth, yet subtle bitterness.

  • Chocolate Porter

    A smooth chocolate porter great for anytime of year, It’s smooth, creamy, and has just the right amount of sweetness. The secret, Cocoa Nibs.

  • Screamin’ Magnolia IPA

    A classic American east coast style IPA that has quickly become a favorite. Lightly roasted malts and our farm grown pale malt forge subtle maltiness with a nice light brown color, while cascade chinook and citra hops create the citrus and pine notes for a wonderfully hoppy IPA.

  • 1860 Series

    In this series we will be using our 10bbl white-oak feudor. What really makes this unique is not only will it be brewed will Bullock Farms malt, but it will be fermented with a blend of saison and brett yeast that will actually live inside the oak panels. This will give each rendition of the series it’s own unique flavors.

  • Wheat Did You Say?

    Wheat Did you Say?!? A.K.A. “WIPA,” here on the farm. This part Wheat, part IPA, hybrid; drinks lighter than some other IPA’s.

    It finishes with subtle citrus tones, due to the dry hopping of Citra & Mosaic hops, which makes this beer a real crowd pleaser.

  • Desperado IPA

    The Desperado IPA is a farm staple and a constant favorite of IPA fans.

    It’s golden/orange hue makes it as visually appealing as it’s taste & smell, which owes credit to the El Dorado hops that round out this balanced beer.

  • Red Raz Wheat

    Whoever said that fruit shouldn’t be in beer hasn’t tried Red Raz Wheat.

    Yes, it is a easy red beer but it’s certainly beer first and foremost which leaves most who try it coming back for more of this summer seasonal.

  • American Wheat

    The Screamin’ Hill flagship beer, inspired by flowing fields of green and golden wheat that cover acres of our farm.

    This American style wheat beer with a low ester profile, is clean, crisp and refreshing.

    Our NJ winter red wheat dominates the malt bill, which is rounded out with our 2 row barley and some lightly roasted malt.

    Chinook, Nugget and Willamette make up the mild but noticeable herbal to floral aroma. Farmland preservation helps to keep NJ the Garden State.

    We are proud to be a preserved farm, and we are proud to serve our Preservation Wheat.

  • Crop Rotation

    This is what we are calling our Single-Hop series. We will be rotating through different Hops with each batch. – Right now the hop we’re using is Sabro.  

  • Rusty Farmer

    A perfectly named beer for its deep rich color. This American Amber/Irish Red, can be considered an “any day beer.”

    It pairs well with foods like BBQ or pizza. It’s light enough to enjoy after yard work or just plain hanging out with friends and family.

    No matter the occasion, it’s good to have a Rusty Farmer nearby.

  • Thrill Hill Habañero Ale

    A stimulating Blonde Ale that is light and crisp yet finishes with varying levels of background heat.

    The level of heat is dependent on each Year’s habanero crop from the farm.

    Thrill Hill is a perfect beer for people who like their beer to bite back.

  • Golden Gregg & the Ram Chargers

    Golden Gregg & the Ram Chargers is an exceptionally crisp and refreshing Golden Ale, that focuses on the farm’s pilsner malt.

    It was brewed for a man that wears many hats here at the brewery, Gregg. His band might not be real but he’s our rock star.

  • Rye-Bullock IPA

    The rye in this IPA creates a complex and spicy malt profile that’s complimented with our peppery Columbus whole cone hops.

    Chinook and Centennial contribute juicy citrus and pine notes to balance out this truly unique farm brew.

    Brewed in honor of the Allentown High School 1998 Athlete of the Year, Ryan Bullock.

  • A Beer Named Sue

    Our Black Wheat is probably our most surprising beer. Don’t be alarmed by its dark appearance!

    Despite looking just like a Stout/Porter, Sue is still light to drink, much like an American style Wheat beer.

    Sue also carries some toasted notes that hail from its dark roasted malts, which also lends to its signature almost black color.

  • Blood Orange Pale Ale

    Bursting with an unmistakable citrus aroma and taste; there is no denying we put 30 pounds of fresh juice and zest in every 7 barrel batch of this crushable pale ale.

  • Oats ‘N Hoes

    Gotta’ have me some Oats ‘N Hoes… A creamy Oatmeal Stout.

  • Cocoa Currant Porter

    A collaborative brew with our good friends at Cream Ridge Winery. For every Valentines day we brew a companion to their Cocoa Currant wine including the same ingredients. Chocolatey smoothness dominates right alongside a delightful tartness from the black currant fruit. Truly a seasonal favorite in Cream Ridge.

  • Snow Owl

    This American style stout is all about the vanilla. We use real vanilla beans added two different times for outstanding flavor and aroma. Black and chocolate malts combine with roasted malts to create a velvety richness for your mouth.

    History states that one of the earliest European settlers to what is now Monmouth county was a woman who lived to be 110 years old named Penelope Stout.

  • Rubus

    Rubus, our Red-Raspberry Stout, is a light-bodied stout with a subtle berry touch. Making it a great choice for drinking, from a nice sunny summer day, right on into the cool summer nights around the fire. What is a Rubus anyway? Well, its Latin for “Raspberry.” Or more scientifically: Rubis is a large and diverse […]

  • Red Ryder

    Our Winter Red, seasoned with Winter’s favorite spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, all spice, and sweet orange peel.

  • Barn Burnin’ Ale

    This is our Apple Wood Smoked, Rye Pale Ale.