Beer Details
  • ABV: 4.6

For the uninitiated, the Cole-shhhhh is a Kölsch.  Which by definition, is a beer fermented with ale yeast, but then finished with lagering.

The result is the best of both worlds: A light easy drinking pale that finishes crisp and clean.

So Stop trying to figure out how to the type the German “ö.” Grab a Cole-shhhh-Kölsch, and shhhh.

“Cole-shhhhhhh.”  This is something you might hear murmured throughout the brewery. For more reasons than one. Prior to this beer’s release, it was no doubt in relation to telling a “Cole” family member to shut-up.

But Alas, now fast-forward to beer post-release. These murmurs can almost always be tied to people spreading it’s praises, as the next big thing in light beers.

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