Screamin’ Hill University- Intro to Brewing

Written by on March 23, 2015

Welcome to class,

This is Intro to Brewing – There are several steps in the brewing process,  All of which we will be going over in detail in our next class (Brewing: 101), but not before we go over some brewing basics here first.

1.) Water is the largest component in Beer. You need to have Awesome Water if you want Awesome Beer! Luckily we have just that! Screamin’ Hill uses our farm’s well water for all of our brews. Quality h20 is essential in order to get the most out of the other 3 ingredients that make up Beer.


2.) Barley is steeped in water until it germinates, from there it is slowly dried and roasted to varying degrees. -Light to Very Dark.  Malting is the process where barley grain is made ready for brewing. By using different malt varieties in different ratios, we are able to create an assortment of different Beer Styles.  At Screamin’ Hill, we grow Barley, Wheat, and Rye to malt for use in our ales. The Malt is primarily responsible for the color and body of finished beer. It also provides a source of fermentable sugar for our yeast to eat.


3.) Hops are soft pinecone-like flowers that grow on tall vines. Typically hops are added to the wort during the boil and are responsible for the bitterness and aroma characteristics that are in the finished beer.  At Screamin’ HIll’ Hill we grow many different varieties of hops that we use in our ales.  Some of our ales also incorporate a process called “dry hopping,” which is the process of adding whole dry hops to the beer after fermentation while its aging. This gives the brew additional aroma, and a dry, hoppy finish.


4.) Yeast
is a living organism that is handled very carefully and has an important job. At Screamin’ Hill  we use several different types of yeast. Our yeast is carefully monitored and harvested for multi-generational use. Our yeasts get their grub on like Kobayashi! The yeast is used to convert the fermentable sugars from the wort, into alcohol and C02, which is beer!




To make beer you need 4 things, Water, Barley, Hops, & Yeast.  Beer is good.
If you want to make Good Beer, You need good Water, Barley, Hops, & Yeast.  Good Beer is Great.
If you want to make Great Beer, You need: a hundred acre farm, 6 generations of farming experience, awesome water, years of your life cultivating your harvests, developing Grain Bills, & finding yeast with superior genes. -Then the brewing process, and if all goes well, after years of practice and some luck, you might make Great BeerOr;
You could just skip all that, and go right to the finish line, by just picking up some of Screamin’ Hill Brewery’s Amazing Beer!It’s a no-brainer.


-Class Dismissed.